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Watcing Paint Dry

WATCHING PAINT DRY is a new play by Joey Povinelli, directed and produced by jpeg Productions. 


Eloise Esteban is a critically and financially acclaimed artist who has never left the confines of her home. Her only contact with the outside is her manager, Dr. Thomas, who has conditioned her to be as productive as possible.

Eloise is content in this life, but recent events cause her to question the authenticity of her  existence.

This piece is the ultimate live theatre going experience - not only through the words and performances; but through the impeccable scenic design incorporating original paintings from  artist, Sathya Almaraz. Audience members are immersed in the artist's studio in the midst of the creation. This piece fulfills art fantasies.

WATCHING PAINT DRY premiered at The Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles October 2019 after development at The Bootleg Theatre + Marymount Manhattan College. The original cast consisted of Ella Clover, Skip Pipo, Sarah Ritter, and David Long.


INTERITUS ADFECTUS is a new short film directed and produced by jpeg Productions, written by Joey Povinelli, starring Ella Clover.

A graduate student cultivates a new species of mushroom that overtakes her apartment and sanity.

A psychological horror that explores dreams, and why we do, or don't, follow them through the lens of an insecure scientist who prematurely ingests her innovations.

Interitus Adfectus is that which destroys you from within. It's the unrealized dream that becomes a fear which rots and festers until the dreamer is a husk.

Mary's mushrooms will take you on a journey to uncomfortable places. Or, at the very least, gross you out.

Interitus Adfectus is screening next at Bizarroland Film Festival in Orlando, FL where it is nominated for the Mink Stole Award for Performance, and the Pink Tentacle Award for Best Short.

Martini Hour

MARTINI HOUR is a live variety show hosted by Joey and Ella consisting of standup, musical performances, and interviews with the freakiest folks alive.


It's not your typical talk show.

The show is narrated with insight and antagonism by the hosts and their band leader-trusty servant, half-man, half-dog, (all-bastard) named Prinston. Something sinister is always on the verge of spilling over.

The show was set to premiere in June 2020, but was postponed due to covid. The show will premiere in 2024 in Los Angeles. 


Joey Povinelli

Joey Povinelli is a writer/director born the son of a knife sharpener in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Co-founder of jpeg Productions, Joey's written (and starred in) a variety of short films, including the public access airing, "Delos Reyes." He recently co-wrote "The Wrong God" with Conor Dowling, which was selected by Straight 8 film festival, as well as co-writing Sarah Ritter's "Hyde".

Joey is a contributor to The Luna Collective magazine, where he writes about psychedelic rock and takes concert photos on 35mm film, as well as Currant Jam print magazine, where he talks about movies and music.

Through his work, Joey seeks to portray uncompromising emotions with gorgeous aesthetics.


Ella Clover

Ella Clover is a bicostal actress/director/producer.

While studying acting at Marymount Manhattan College, she started attending midnight screenings and immersive theatre productions, which influenced her to create work for herself as an actress. With Joey Povinelli, she founded jpeg Productions.


Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, Ella is inspired by nature - uncomfortable weather, stars from a million years ago, the harmony and chaos of it all. Most of her time is spent pondering the incomprehensible nature of what it means to be here.


In addition to her film and TV acting work, Ella has produced for multiple high profile acts. Most recently, she went on tour of the UK with Revenge Wife in support of Kate Nash. Her producing work has been featured in Rolling Stone, i-D Magazine, and Paper Mag. She is committed to learning more about herself and others through art.

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