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the things we've done together




Watching Paint Dry is a new play by Joey, produced by jpeg, about Eloise Esteban, a visual artist, who despite garnering critical and financial acclaim has never left the confines of her home due to an illness. Her only contact with the outside is her promoter, Dr. Thomas, who has raised and conditioned her to be as productive as possible. Eloise is content in this life, but recent events cause her to question the authenticity of her curated existence. The play’s tone walks a tightrope of comedy and drama; stylized, yet oppressively real. 


This piece is the ultimate artistic live theatre going experience - not only through the text and performances; but through presentations of the paintings of the powerful visual artist, Sathya. Audience members are truly immersed in the artists studio - surrounded by stimulating paintings- in the middle of creation. This piece fulfills art fantasies.

Inquiries about Watching Paint Dry can be addressed via info@jpegproductions.net 

We've written, shot, and performed some sketches together. We think we're really funny.

The Audition: A self tape gone insane.

jpeg Short 2: Cassius Clarence and Sweetiepie Charmichael reunite.

Natural Conclusion for an Unnatural Act:  What freaks lurk in plain sight?

2015 - Dead Rabbits Society - sketch comedy group 

2016 - Watching Paint Dry - Staged Reading - Marymount Manhattan College

2017 - various internet comedy sketches

2018 - Watching Paint Dry - Staged Reading - The Bootleg Theatre LA

2019 - Watching Paint Dry - Full Production - The Bootleg Theatre LA

2019 - The Audition

2019 - jpeg Short 2

2019 - a natural conclusion to an unnatural occurrence